Christmas, Family Dynamics and lingering estate problems a recipe for litigation

During the Christmas season we are supposed to look forward to family gatherings, enjoy the company of loved ones and share stories from Christmas past.  However, for many the season does not paint such a lovely picture.  Many have no loved ones or if they do the history of disagreements has gotten the better of them and they no longer enjoy seeing family members.  This is even more so where a parent may have passed and children are fighting over an estate.  The family may have chosen to go the litigation route.  Nothing puts a damper on Christmas like having to deal with festering issues at court.

This year if you find yourself in this situation try to think whether an estate dispute could be settled by mediation.  All parties would have to agree to the arrangement but at this time of the year maybe families are more in a reconciliatory mood.  It may be that other families feel drained from fighting and are looking for some way to end the dispute and move on.  Some may even dream of having a Christmas in the future where family members can once again gather around the tree or celebrate the season in what ever manner lines up with their religious or ethnic traditions.

If you find yourself longing for peace this holiday season maybe take the first step and suggest to family members that there is an alternative way to deal with the estate dispute.  A process which moves the family off positions and onto moving forward can provide a path to reconciliation.  Maybe the dream of peace whatever your family situation is can be a reality. This Christmas season try to keep an open mind, start the dialogue and take the first steps.  You may find that Christmas 2017 allows you to peacefully enjoy the season surrounded by your loved ones.

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