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Dianna Flannery

Dianna FlanneryDianna is the mediator, facilitator and conflict resolution specialist at Four Corners Estate Mediation. Dianna believes that individuals can best deal with conflict by identifying the issues that have created the conflict and work towards practical solutions to solve their dispute. Dianna sees mediation as a great way to preserve relationships and help people think about what works and what may not to settle their dispute.

While not easy to do,  Dianna helps those in conflict work through a process of finding ways to open up and communicate. At the end of the day, the goal is to have parties walk away with solid solutions to their dispute and a practical path to following those solutions.

Dianna focusses her practice on conflicts arising in the areas of estate disputes and succession planning. She feels that these two areas complement her knowledge base and that there is a lot to lose in terms of family dynamics if a successful resolution cannot be found. Dianna is also a well-seasoned communicator and provides assistance with drafting and writing material to avoid conflict.

Dianna has an Honours Degree in Communications and a Law Degree from the University of Windsor. She has obtained Certificates from the University of Windsor in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the basic and advanced levels. She has mediated in the not-for-profit sector and has worked in the wills and estates area for over 20 years. Dianna sees herself as a transitional advisor. She has a passion for helping people and enjoys facilitating communication.

In her spare time Dianna spends a great deal of time on her other passion- working on animal welfare issues. Dianna will also naturally do mediation work involving any animal law issues that are in dispute.  For instance, in a family law matter or estate planning or estate disputes where family pets must be considered.

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