Four Corners focuses its mediation services primarily on conflicts related to estates and succession planning.

Dianna Flannery is also a well-seasoned communicator and provides assistance with drafting and writing material to avoid conflict.

Dianna and I mediated together for several years for the not-for profit sector. I found Dianna to be able to communicate the process and the potential benefits of using mediation as an alternative to court with clients in a very succinct and simple way. Dianna brought a real practical approach to our mediation sessions and clients were pleased with how the communication process made them realize that they could find ways to resolve their own disputes.

Dianna put clients at ease and is able to open the lines of communication by helping identify issues and work towards resolution. I found that the work that Dianna and I did together made a real difference to the clients we were able to assist. She is a real professional and always works towards helping clients settle their disputes and preserve relationships.

Patricia MacLeod

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